On Pyramids found around the world

By Dr. Charles Kos.
Pyramids are worldwide... But what does 'pyramid' even mean? We need first principles before we continue!

1) Pyramids are NOT a five sided 'platonic solid'. This is the 'modern geometry' defintion which people have started calling 'true pyramid' which is meaningless, since pyramid actually means something else!
2) Pyramids are quite unique structures. They do not really have to have a square base since the definition doesn't necessarily imply this. The best definition I have come across is "(Royal House's Middle Height"). Even this, however does not define what pyramids really are. They are really homes for the fire god, ie what an Asian would call a 'stupa', and built for good luck. No-one... knows this.

'Pyra-mid'(pyramid) = Middle height measure (of a cone-like shape)

Related terms:

Peri-meter = Circumference measure
Per-fect = (It has been) thoroughly built
Pr(e)-cicse = Perfect

All these terms may in fact derive from ancient discussion regarding the pyramids!

So, it would seem that pyramids are not even really defined by shape, nor even by function. WE, however may define them by function, but not really by shape, because they come in so many different shapes, such as Newgrange! Now that we are equiped with this definition, we may look at these structures worldwide. If we want a term to define what they are, we don't need to use the word pyramid, which is a measure, now meaningless to us, but a term describing what they actually are... STUPAS!

Borobudur appears to conceal a polygonal pyramid platform...

Borobudur, itself a pyramid, seems to have been built in two stages. There may have been a lower polygonal stage, and an upper stage, non polygonal, which contains Buddhist reliefs, of the life of Guatama Buddha

Lars Porsena's destroyed 200-meter tall 'tomb', seems to have been an East Asian Stupa/Pyramid, similar to Borobudur...

Lars Porsena, circa 500 BC is famous for having been a terrific instigator against Roman freedoms. As King of Clusium, his armies lay seige to early Rome, who was struggling to establish a new republic, guaranteeing freedoms for all. He built a great tomb for himself, which was later called a terriffic exercise in vanity. In fact, it would seem to have been very similar in style to Buddhist monuments now only found in East Asia. Was this once a prevailing style, across all of Europe?

Irish pyramid at The Neale is thought to be modern. Yet it matches the Atlantic Pyramids!

This is thought to have been a folly constructed by a landowner. It appears to be so much more than that, particularly when we look at structure, location, as well as archaeo-astronomy.

This pyramid which WAS in Australia was in the Atlantic Style!

Some Archaeologist said this was built by the Italian Landowner for farming on... to bad too sad, because now it's gone! Obviously built by Viracochas sailing from the Atlantic, Across the Pacific and Hitting Australia on the warm water current coming from Figi.