What is Yonaguni?

Yonaguni was above sea level in 8000 BC. Could it really have been carved then, and it is really that old?

Ok, Yonaguni, what is this thing? Ancient ruin, or natural? Some say it's like no natural rock formation...

Not sure about everyone else but I was absolutely racking my brains out until I realised exactly what Yonaguni is. The video should explain. It is actually what seems to be called an alakaline earth crystal on an enormous scale! This is a metaloid silica compound, a co-crystal in this case, or mixture of various substances, which is prolific in the area, and can form highly-complex structures, explaining all the weird right angles, which seem to mean zilch, assuming it were indeed manmade. The video holds quite definitive proof! I don't beleive anyone has come to this conclusion before. Why should crystals only be on a certain size and scale, anyway?