There is a lot we don't know about Stonehenge!

By Dr. Charles Kos.

Stonehenge is compact. People who have stood close to the center have remarked that the monument does not seem at all suited to astronomy, as it's far too compact. It looks more like a building. In this video, we suggest the closest analogues are buildings today seen in Asia, such as the Sanchi Stupa, or the Temple of Heaven, China, which in some respects has quite similar dimensions to Stonehenge. Other analogues have been mentioned by other authors, in particular the relation between Stonehenge and Aachen Cathedral, which may have been built upon an earlier 'Stonehenge'.

What is it like to visit Stonehenge?

What is it like to visit Avebury?

Epic Ruins spotted in a Copse near Stonehenge, ten minutes drive, reporting this amazing story!

Avebury originally a Square Monument. Two cults? IE One from Africa as per Geoffrey of Monmouth?

Before Stonehenge was Atlantis, and before that a CERN-Type Device!

Easter Means EASTERN SUNRISE celebration!

Stonehenge built 6 miles from Capital of Atlantis = Old Sarum, along the outer wall.

OOPS! Stonehenge was rectangular?

Uneven carving quality... so why bother to drag them... i mean... they did drag those stones... didn't they?

Exclusive Red Wall surrounded Stonehenge!?

Oldest Stone Circle seems to be the most technically precise = RECYCLED STONES OMG!