Sphinx guards a Nephilim Sarcophagus!

By Dr. Charles Kos.

This is one of my most important discoveries, at least to my mind. It appears the very purpose of the Sphinx was to guard the shaft behind it. As a dog, it's on all fours, clearly 'protecting' something sitting behind it. So, we can examine the old maps to see what is being 'protected'. The answer becomes rather plain and obvious! Campbell's tomb! This was also known as Cheops' tomb. Robert Temple dates the interior to about 3000 BC, but no the lower tomb which looks like the description of Cheops' tomb found in Herodotus.

Archaeologists claim this is a 'Tomb of Osiris' and they are exaclty right. I think 'Oriris' in this case refers to the previous civilization in Egypt, a ruler described by Manetho in his list of God Kings. He described the God kings, and then the DemiGod kings and then the 'Spirits of the Dead', followed by rule by various tribes of 'Egyptians'. I think the Gods and Demigods correlate to Biblical 'fallen Angels = giants' = lost hypercivilization, followed by Giants = Stone Age but still retaining some high technology, ie stones of Tiwanaku.

They say the enormous grave found behind the Sphinx was for ox bones. I think that's a load of rubbish. It was rather for a giant buried in the foetal position, as Stone-Age burials were often done worldwide.

Nephilim Kings ruled Egypt as well!

Just for completeness, this is my most viral video on the Sphinx ever!

The Nephilim Sarcophagus is NAMED! Was it the TOMB OF ACTUAL OSIRIS, and WHEN DID HE LIVE!?