The Lost High-Tech Civilization

By Dr. Charles Kos.
In these videos, we will start early, from the earliest times, explaining how geological evidence could provide a look at the relics of early civilizations. We journey forwards in time by scrolling down.

250 MA...

This video presents as model of Australia as a DESTROYED CONTINENT. This covers some of the possible reasons Australia looks like it does, and also a very novel (guaranteed!) explanation for what occured 250 MA. I do not think anyone else is using geological evidence to look for civilizations in deep time.

In addition, it would appear that Australia has a hexagonal-looking shape, as if it is a large meta-crystal, the like an enormous silicate quartz crystal, a scar of an eruption from Early Earth, explaining why we are so full of heavy metals in this country, Iron, Uranium, etc. Other countries just have bits of the mantle bubbling to the surface, OIL, rather than early mantle = Old Star Dust.

This video presents an update, SEVEN MONTHS on. I havn't changed my opinion. In fact there are re-inforcing facts explaining why Australia is simply denuded of Rolling Hills.

The conventional viewpoint is that Australia is an ocean floor, hence it is sediments of sand and limestone. There is a huge problem with this theory! A massive problem! Western Australia was always above the Ocean and it is flat as a pancake! That's where the iron is, as well!

55 MA...

There is another time in which a civilization seems to have arisen, which may have been high tech. This would be the period of 55MA. It bridges the Paleocene and Eocene epochs. Video upcoming!

This extinction seems to make the rise of mammals, ten million years after the so-called Yucatan event which seems to have put a stop to the dinosaurs. It would seem that an event occured, followed by the rapid rise of a whole new set of species. It is proposed that these 'mammals' are genetically modified 'domesticated' or hybridized 'cute-sized' pets which escaped their owners: out of control, thence conquering the world.

120,000-60,000 years ago...

Part 1) This video presents a new model of the location in time, as well as space, of the previous lost worldwide supercivilization. I've decided to date the formation of this to 120k years ago, just in time for a possible uptick in human population numbers, as occured in the previous 10,0000 years, or holocene:

This civilization may have finally come to an end, 60,000 years ago, at the Toba Eruption Event, after having endured long into the last Ice Age.

Part 2)

Hope it was fun!


This video discusses the Amazon civilization, the reason for huge seed crops in South America, and beyond!

The Amazon situation is very interesting! It is largely a product of Man's interferance. It cannot be a coincidence that not only does the Amazon grow in a very extraordinary manner, but that South America also has these huge seed crops! Almost as if they were cultivated, long, long, long in prehistory, as they have been like this for an incredibly long time.