Incaland and Pre-Egypt are connected... via 'Atlantis' = former Atlantic Coast, a massive trading empire, which monopolised the seas.

By Dr. Charles Kos.
Part 1, the Primer, explaining the location of ATLANTIS
Note: The below videos subscribe to the "Atlantis" = Doggerland/Holland/UK/Ireland idea. Even if you have your own ideas on the inspiration for this legend, the subsistence into the ocean of a huge area of once fertile land, is undeniable.

If we actually look at a map from the time of Solon, it's rather clear they had no clue about the existence of 'Britain'. Greece at the time was in its glorious 'classical' period, only recently emergerd. This is why the Egyptian priest 'Sonchis of Sais' was making such fun of them for their lack of knowledge of events and history beyond the pillars of Hercules.

Part 2

While travelling about Ireland, I could not help but notice that the ancient monasteries, all in ruins and not many tourists (thank goodness) were worked upon for centuries, modified and altered, but ruined nonetheless. I noticed three types of doors. Two, from the 'dark ages' or Irish Golden age: the simple lintel and 'Inca' lintel doors, also seen on Old Kingdom doorways in Egypt. This was the time of possible Irish voyages to the New World. This video contains several smoking guns in this respect. Also apparent were medieval doors, built during and after the Norman conquest, much more like what we encounter in the Angevin and Norman worlds.

Part 3

The Great Pyramid, which is an unbelievable construction, designed to last eternity, should the 'gods' have decreed as such, contains hidden technologies which are not often discussed. Although people are increasingly aware of the concavities of the sides, there is also a hidden 'Inca-like' megalithic component which is not often mentioned, and deserves attention. Credit to William Fix ('Pyramid Odyssey') for discovering the megalithic construction around the corners, and the corner stones, which no-one else ever mentions.

Part 4

Enough is enough! People searching for lost civilizations never visit Ireland. Not 'exotic' enough, but we could well be looking at the home of the Viracocha. In this video we look at a Sun God from Armagh, home of Irish religion. We also look at the Kalasaya temple. It contains grotesques, which are seen in Irish and UK walls and cathedrals. Did 'Atlantean' temples, once have a kind of forbidding interior with all these faces looking at you? Is this vestige preserved in the Medieval Cathedrals, which are its successors? Thor Heyerdahl mentioned several times the Viracocha were red heads or possibly blondes. The Red-head DNA is more specific to UK and Ireland than Scandinavia, however.

Part 5

A visit to the National Museum in Dublin, will uncover remarkable artefacts! Absolutely sensational 'royal' jewels which look incredibly Inca in appearance! No-one talks about the Irish-Inca connection, but it is there! Why the same jewellery, on two sides of the Atlantic, in not only 2000BC, but also, more recently in... say the Iron Age!

Part 6

If you get on top of the Hill of Tara, there are stones with straight cuts, which I find incredible! They will possibly all go 'missing' now. Other stones are found, in the walls of monasteries, with straight cuts. Was this from the 'Great and Wonderful Empire' that Plato talked about? The subsistence into the ocean occured in 5000 BC.

Part 7

All around the Uk, Ireland, Holland, we see evidence of subsistence of lands into the Ocean. The "Atlantic Catastrophe" described by Plato, appears to be ongoing!

Part 8

Incredible works in Europe in the 4th-dynasty style! Fourth Dynasts were not fixed in one place, Egypt, but travelled the world!

On the Scene!

Well well well, a Viracocha castle! OMG! This is in Ohio. It's built in such a similar style to other artefacts, on the Atlantic trail! Facinating!