High-tech Great Pyramid theories

By Dr. Charles Kos.

The Great Pyramid is rather unusual in construction compared to every other Egyptian pyramid, or every other pyramid ever built. Not only are the tolerance levels far higher than other ancient pyramids, even surpassing modern building standards, but they surpass the pyramids nearby. The question is 'why'. I favour a religious explanation: the pyramid firstly needed to last, but it also needed to be a ceremonial home for the fire god. He needed to choose the great pyramid above all other pyramids. In this case the fire god would have been Khnumm. In Asia, he would have been 'Budh'. (All pyramids seem to be stupas)

Having said all that, does the Great Pyramid preserve a vestige of a higher technology? The places where truly 'high-tech' ancient workings are found are far away from the reach of former ice sheets. Coincidence? Was the Great Pyramid built according to an earlier design, or rebuilt accoridng to this design, as a form of ancestor worship? For fun's sake, let's look at the following idea.

Part 1

We see quite similar structural tolerances in Ancient India, to Ancient India. Egypt, however is a destroyed lost civilization, invaded, conquered. India is different, preserving their ancient gods, books and ideas... and what ideas they are! Atomic theory? Quantum mechanics? Ancient Nuclear explosions? If so they had to make all of this somewhere... but we are talking incredible time periods here. In another video I suggest the high tech civilization began 120k years ago, during an equivalent Holocene period.

Part 2

I made this as a thought experiment.

Part 3

Isaac Newton had unbelievable ideas about the Great Pyramid. Truly Amazing! In this video I also explain the Vimana theory of pyramids. Vimanas are 'flying cities' in ancient lore and pyramids seem about the right size, but obviously they are 'stone age' and too primitive by far to be any relation to the celestial cities of the past... except in imitation. Why else do they have spaceship-like precision that no building actually requires?

Part 4

As a companion to the above video, we have this one... KING ARTHUR's possible take on what went on there. Why would the Great Pyramid not actually be the Grail Castle? Makes sense?