Temple of the Sun, at Ollantaytambo and another weird fortress wall, destroyed in prehistory

By Dr. Charles Kos.

There are quite a lot of similarities between Ollantaytambo, Potala Palace in Tibet, and the Masabas of Egypt. All share the same 'earthquake angle' for starters. This is the Temple of the Sun, but I think it would have been something else. It is OBVIOUS the walls of a fortress, yet called a temple! Everything is a temple if you are an archaeologist! (Esp Minoan archaeology, Stonehenge a temple, etc etc etc).

This Inca Wall is crazy. I call it a 'Chavin Wall' because that is the first civilization of Peru, and yet they only go back to 1200 BC, 'originating' then. I got news for you, this date is the time of a Dark Age, which in fact implies that there is history going back before this but it was 'interrupted' during this time, rather than originating in this time.

Ok this is really cool! The top of the fortress of Ollamtaytambo is melted as anything! Eric Von Daniken says the stuff on top, which no-one actually bothers to photograph, is actually more interesting than the huge wall below, that everyone always photographs! Amazing!

Isn't this fun! It would seem that there really was high-tech destruction at Puma Punku! This is amazing! The legends confirm that the gods, after having constructed Puma Punka, in a single long day and night, (whatever that means) proceeded then to overturn their creation. They did this by lifting the rocks up, spinning them and dropping them all over the place. You even have rocks going up hillsides which makes no sense at all! Remarkable stuff!