Ok this is going to be controversial

By Dr. Charles Kos.

Surprisingly this information has had a good reception on youtube, in particular due to the enormous, you could say prevailing belief in Ice Age Civiliztion, which I share. What was the Lighthouse of Alexandria, anyway? We know from the name that it was a 'per' like the 'pyr'amids. This implies Royal House. We know it was built in a 'religious location', where one might find the fire god's hideaway, ie, a St Michael's Mount, if the location was in Western Europe, where St Michael, put out the 'dragon'. If the Greeks built it, why did they not build such buildings elsewhere, or in Greece itself? Every copy, every minaret, or Irish Round tower, resembles an incredibly steep pyramid. It is another type of Egyptian pyramid!

The buttressed step pyramids, found inside Egyptian pyramids, could belong to an earlier culture. This relates to the idea of another type of pyramid builder in Egypt! This also relates to my earlier carbon-dating video, which shows that the interior of the Zozer pyramid is 1000 years older than the exterior!