Recent unknown civilizations in Australia

By Dr. Charles Kos.

The lost Australian Civilization. I am guessing Old Australia, the East Coast, was settled by ancestors of today's Pacific Islanders. These would have been Denisovians, people of Phillipino (or Olmec) appearance, Chinese, Long Ears (an unknown race of redheads from Asia), etc, etc, etc. There was also an African-looking people living in the Pilbara/Kimberley, responsible for the Bradshaw Art.

This video in which I talk perhaps a little too quickly, describes the lost stone circle complexes of Australia. Almost all were destroyed by farmers, unfortunately.

Part of the civilization mentioned in the above Video was also located around Camperdown... There seems to be a wall inside this old volcano. Fortunate to visit on location! Woohoo!

Lost Pyramid of Australia! OMG! This was the civilization which came from the Inca lands after a vicious palace coup!