Information on 'Arthur's Britain

By Dr. Charles Kos.

So, what is the origin of the incredible civilization remembered in later times as King Arthur's Britain? A key point we would like to make is that this civilization is likely to have been prehistoric, or 'Roman-Britain'. In the intervening years, Britain was under continuous assualt and even failed to mint its own coins. Hardly a glorious 'Age of Arthur'. More like a struggle for survival! On the contrary, the really glorious times are in the prehistoric age! We suggest that Camolodonum, is Camelot.

This is very interesting! A possible origin for the Sword in the Stone. This is my own creation and obviously differs considerably from the 'textbook' definition of Kurgans in Southern Russia. These are mound burials with the warrior's sword sticking out above the top of the hill (which isn't even made of stone, usually turf, unless it is a stone cairn).

In this it is suggested that the sword in the stone is the most obvious thing, Statue Menhirs in Corsica. These show stones. These are symbolic of ancient kings and a ceremony nearby would accompany the 'transfer of power'.

Here is some information on the Grail Quest, which you MAY or MAY NOT agree with! It occured to me that pyramids are just like grail castles... shining white fortresses on hills with no entrances! This would mean that the Welsh texts actually describe pyramids but these were turned into romantic fortresses in Anglo-Norman texts, after they absorbed Britain into their world.
So what then could have been 'stored' in the great pyramid! To me, this is the MOST obvious place you would look for the Holy Grail! Was this the location of the Grail Quest, the ultimate objective? Lancelot even finds a corpse wrapped in silk? Has he penetrated a tomb and found a mummy?!