Ancient Astronauts!

This is really an incredibly fun topic! There were certainly astronauts in ancient times as borne out by such works as the Mahabharata, and Book of Enoch! Check these videos! Don't forget to check out my upcoming book, "Confessions of the Gods" which is PACKED to the BRIM with the Ancient Astronauts/Ancient Aliens theme!

This is a lot of fun... The Pakal Sarcophagus! It appears that the 'experts' not been interpreting this correctly. In my "In search of the Origin of Pyramids" I established that world tree was located on a high platform at the 'center of the world', sometimes associated with pyramids. Well, the only way up to ASGARD in ancient times was climbing or hanging onto the world tree, or via the world tree!

This Newton Video also belongs under the Ancient Astronauts category, because I mention the fact pyramids do seem to be based upon the ancient Flying Cities as in texts such as the Mahabharata. In that texts, they even take off from mountains, possibly launch sites.