This page is all about adventures, almost all with VIDEOS (not just photos) taken in the field! It will contain all the travel videos which feature on my main channel! This might become a rather large page indeed!


KING SOLOMON's MINES! Lake Superior?

Viracocha Castle?! Tourists don't know this! Not in any book! UNBELIEVABLE!

Serpent Mound, Michigan, SOLVED!

Paulding Light, Upper Peninsula, Michigan! It was a bit of a dream to visit this place!


Pirate Treasure Queenscliff, Background to the hunt!

Pirate Treasure Queenscliff, FIELD INVESTIGATION!

Hunting the Bunyip

UFO Documentary, Westall, Melbourne from Crash-Landing Site!

Destroyed palace wall in Volcano Crater? Western Victoria?

Hanging Rock, Australia's DEVIL's TOWER! To me, there are imprints of biology, but i'm not sure what!