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My name is Charles Kos, and I Youtuber (reporter), historian, New-Ager, Ancient Mysteries author, dedicated to uncovering fascinating facts about the lost homo-sapiens' SUPER-CIVILIZATION which preceded ours. Its legacy generated memories we today associate with 'Ancient Aliens.' This project, is an information depository of videos, which is dedicated to answering not only the question of WHAT IS GIZA? but various other ancient mysteries! We are trying to 'set the record straight.'
Current information is 'mistaken' or simply even 'forbidden' because much of the official narrative, as found on "Wikipedia", is based upon centuries-obsolete paradigms. For example, Egytology paradigms are isolationist and highly conservative in scope (ie: 'everything has already been discovered, no migrants reached Egypt in ancient times'). Old views do not fit the new evidence, as is fast being revealed, thanks to the digital camera!
Important Information you will find here...ABOVE, you will see a menu with various videos. BELOW you will see information on my solution to the 'why was Giza built' riddle. Please check out some videos, etc, in which I have tried to provide some of the answers. Good day, and much luck, in your journey! Charles.

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My new book is finally out! Confessions of the Gods! Does our history really start six thousand years ago?
Or was it rather interrupted? Ancient texts purporting to be from 'before the deluge' talk of terrific technologies which can only be interpreted through a modern scientific lens. Technologies which we even today do not possess...

What emerges from the mists of time are details of an ancient 'technological' war. We tentatively hypothesis that this must have been before the catastrophic eruption of Toba, about sixty thousand years ago. It was carried out 'between giants and Nephilim,' according to ancient texts. The result was the Stone Age, but stories of double-headed birds with human pilots, and ideas about deeply ancient but high technology.

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"GIZA TRINITY THEORY"....Is this the SOLUTION to the Giza, and the Worldwide Pyramid riddle?

In short... YES! THREE PYRAMIDS = TRINITY WORSHIP. It's a new way of thinking about the GIZA COMPLEX. Holy Trinity was worshipped in the STONE AGE!

  • Why pyramids are found everywhere, OUTSIDE of Egypt
  • The ORIGIN of every world religion, in its earlier form
  • The actual religion of the Pyramid Builders!
  • Jesus, the devil, and 'God', all feature in the pyramid religion of before 3000 BC, under Different Names! Now identified!
  • What any pyramid was designed to do
  • Why a lost civilisation MUST be responsible for the Giza pyramids

The idea: tombs for three kings are of secondary purpose and possibly not originally found in the pyramids. Primarily, the pyramids are possibly a home for the Stone-Age Triple god/goddess. This is why there are three. The pharaohs are merely buried nearby.

In Search of the Origin of Pyramids, and the Lost Gods of Giza, is a the BEST book on worldwide pyramids every written! It explains what Giza really is all about!


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To answer 'What is Giza'... ask... 'What are other pyramids?'

Seriously... what are they? Here is a strange pyramid in Sardinia... 3000 B.C.

Look! Pyramids diffused around the world prior to the Third Millennium BC. This implies the solution to the Giza mystery lies in NEOLITHIC (or New Stone Age) Gods common to the world. This can explain what is going on at Giza! Forget about later Egyptian gods! They don't explain much about a culture far older: the worldwide culture of the Pyramid Builders! See that 'egg' in the bottom right... it explains so much... this was a center for fertility, Europe's first Easter Egg?

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For centuries people have been saying the pyramids are more like cathedrals than just tombs...

They have a point. Pyramids are a lost and forgotten religion in themselves, not mere marks of long-dead kings. They were built for fertility by wandering tribes. In my book I find that the religion possibly dates back to 9000 BC, from among the ruins of Gobekli Tepe

A trailer of the Giza Complex in Cardboard and sand from my pool-table top to 'blow the lid' on Giza, and explain what is going on!

Please click here for a simple explanation of the discovery that pyramids are a home for fertility gods

Please take a look at this picture. It's the missing link, and key to understanding every pyramid ever built!

I came across this in Ireland, no not the guy up front, but the thing in the background! Irish hill complexes (This one is 4000 BC or older!) are part of a parallel religion to that found on the Giza Plateau. The 'Giza religion' was worldwide several millennia before Giza was built! Egyptology will never remotely explain Giza, because the religion is pre-Giza, imported from elsewhere. World prehistory offers a solution!

Here I am standing with Medb's tomb in a remote part of Ireland, in mid 2014. This is absolutely remarkable! An 11 meter high `pyramid' on top of a mountain. I was struck by a similarity with the Bible quote about needing to build a tower close to God. What is the old `Babel' religion doing in Ireland? It turns out that rather than a scenario of diffusion of myth from the Middle East, the Bible somehow intercepted, recorded and interpreted Stone-Age Eurasian myth, lost elsewhere. This is why we can apply Germanic and Chinese mythology, to better explain what is happening at Giza, than even Egyptian mythology! (It's pre-Egyptian! And who are these Egyptians anyway!? They are historically a multicultural people, more recently monocultural)


Eight thousand years ago, farmers from the Middle East reached ancient Ireland and built their now-lost civilization, now only remembered as some early folk tales. They seem to have brought with them a precursor to the pyramid religion as seen at Giza, huge mounds on a large mountain, which would have overlooked villages below, (now the huge burial ground of Carrowmore, whose tombs are so old that they do not even contain the regular stone-age spirals and even crosses). This shows that what would become the Giza or pyramid religion spread around the world at a most early stage! Ancient pre-historians have considerably underestimated early man's thirst for adventure and travel! They would have taken seed crops with them, and planted them wherever they went, building 'towers to heaven' or being 'scattered' as pointed out of the Babel religion in the Bible.


Please check out the following...

Giza Plateau
Silbury and Great Pyramid

Proof of the Early diffusion of a Middle Eastern version of the mountain or 'Babel' religion into Ireland/Britain before Giza was built.


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The show is all about the lost hyper-civilization, and anything really which is an ancient mystery! This Old Earth, of 120k to 60k years ago, have been populated by the Nephilim and others known to the Ancient Egyptians as the 'DemiGods', presumably because of their god-like technologies! I have proven in my vids that the further back in time you go in Egypt, the more advanced the technology becomes... the outside of pyramids is up to 1000 years older than the interior of pyramids... and more... much more. SUB For important future updates! (As i'm going for the silver play button... AND It's just packed with info about ancient mysteries that you won't find any place else, Guaranteed!)

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Firstly everyone, welcome and thanks for finding this place. A little about me, I completed a PhD, Remembering the Outlaw in Medieval England: The emergence of the Robin Hood legend, was accepted in July 2014. It basically identifies a point of origin for the Robin Hood mythology, in terms of a historical character, who might be termed an early 'Robin Hood.' In my 20s, I have run in two local council elections, including notable gains against an incumbent mayor, while finishing several university degrees. In my 30s, I run two successful businesses, (so far!) including a fun-oriented historical tour business, trying to bring history to life for tourists, in an enthusiastic manner: M3 Tours Always looking out for a fun challenge, I have also started a book publisher, under which I published my first title, for those interested in getting their work 'out there', which may concentrate upon historical, or obsolete titles. Plus Ultra Books!
Wanting to get to the bottom of the 'Giza mystery,' I have very proudly written my 'magnum opus', the 'last word' on Egyptian pyramids, (possibly the best book out there on worldwide pyramids) but also a first word in a new field. Here is why. In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza, basically proves, via weight of evidence, that the Giza pyramids are more likely to be a representation of the triple aspect of the far older Neolithic Triple Goddess, built and improved over three generations of rulers, rather than large tombs for three kings. (mistakenly believed to be the internal pyramid chambers in which case they would not actually accord with Old-Kingdom burial practice).

Hobbies: I have always been been very much into History (Robin Hood!) and ancient history, as well as mysteries. (ancient and modern) A major hobby is writing and reading, as well as playing music. I enjoy fiddling with the telescope to look at planets sometimes (but not for a while!), microscope and real life Ancient-Egyptian Alchemy, (cement making, playing with natron salt) without the `magical' bits. (This was my hobby last year, 2015!)

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B.Sc, B.A (hons), PhD.
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